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What is Row to Slow Parkinson's

Row to Slow Parkinson's was established in Fall of 2019 by Jojo McDuffie, Ned Neuhaus and Katie Kliest.  The group was formed as a way to raise awareness of the importance of exercise to those living with Parkinson's.  Ned and Katie were both diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YPOD) and exercise is a key part of their regimen to manage their symptoms

What is the Million Meter Row-A-Thon?

The Million Meter Row-A-Thon is a in-person and virtual event where people individually row as many meters as they can in one day.  Everyone's total meters are accumulated to hopefully reach at least one million meters.  Among active rowers, a common goal is to row one million meters in a season.  In 2020, 12 members of Row To Slow Parkinson's (most people living with Parkinson's) rowed a million meters or more, despite the global pandemic.

Where does the Row-A-Thon take place?

Anywhere you have access to a rowing machine (or a boat to row on water).  This could be a local gym, your own home, or at one of our host locations.

How do I participate in the Row-A-Thon?

Simply sign up at  There you will find a link to register your email address in order to record your meters rowed.  You will also find links to donate to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research and also to fundraise from family and friends to support your rowing efforts.

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